December 2012

Simple pocket pet gift: A fish and fish setup

You probably already have what you need for this easy and thoughtful gift, aside from the fish!

If you have a vase, a fish bowl, or even one of those small beta fish tanks, you have most of what you need to give this fun gift to someone you love already. A fish is such an easy pet to care for, as long as you go with a low maintenance type and provide plenty of food and care tips for your recipient.

Tentacle USB- you know you want it

This may or may not be Hentai related

Think Geek is by far one of my all time favorite places to go hunting for those special little things that just complete my geek life. Be it a taun taun sleeping bag, Umbrellas that look like the ones seen in Blade Runner, funky themed Tea sets, science based toys, you name it they most likely have it. Periodically though SOMETHING pops up thats ...questionable at best.