October 2012

Blood bricks

Using cow blood to create bricks

Oh sure it may keep you dry and warm, but the masses of hungry predators siting outside the front door licking the walls to death may be an inevitable problem. What am I rambling about you ask? Well it's simple good sirs! Blood bricks. Moreover, bricks consisting of cow's blood.

One architecturally savvy individual with a knack for finding uses for what is considered the largest waste product: Jack Munro Has found a way to take cow's blood, mix it with sand and a few things, and bake it at a low 160 degrees to create bricks! Yes, the bricks are apparently waterproof, and by all accounts, are completely up to code. 

Pacemaker hack

Hacker demonstrates that pacemakers can be infiltrated

I remember back when the realization struck that people could hack into your computer and take things or mess with your stuff. Then the panic when it dawned on people that pretty much everything anymore is tied to a network of some sort. Too few really thought how far it could go. Worse is that someone realized just that, which means others have or will soon enough, too: hacking into a pacemaker.

Pet Toys You Should Use

Toys Your Pet Needs

As you know keeping your pets happy is more of a challenge then what you think. This is when you should learn more information on what kind of pet toys you should be using to keep your pet happy for an extended period of time. Without this information, you can easily select the wrong pet toy and end up having a pet who is disappointed in what you are getting for your dog.


Pumpkin carving gods

reminding us we should just stick to knitting

If there was ever a time to feel insecure about your ability to carve a pumpkin, then seeing some of the amazing things that end up on the webbernet or the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, Rhode Island. That event alone is more than enough to utterly put us in our place and pretty much make me unsure of my ability to even look at a pumpkin without feeling a deep, deep shame.