September 2012

It's official: Mars "had" running water

You can keep the floaties at home.

Curiosity has been doing its thing and impressing the masses with more Mars gossip (and hopefully keeping the public's attention long enough to actually get back some form of space program). Its latest news comes as something not many find shocking at this point, but finally put a few “theories” to bed. Mars did in fact have running water at some point in its life - the same as we have on Earth.

Playable chocolate record?

That won't keep well, I'm sure.

It's something we are not sure if we ever actually needed or wanted, yet it's out there anyway. What we have here is a slap of chocolate shaped into a record and actually pressed with a copy of Breakbot's album 'By Your Side,' and we have the Colette store in Paris to thank.

The record is completely chocolate, and yes, it will play. It's advertised however that you can only play it three to five times before the needle on the record player manages to actually destroy the record. I'm pretty sure it's not too good for your record player's health either, to be perfectly honest.

What to look for in a pet sitter

Ask the right questions to find the perfect pet sitter

Pet sitting is something many people will not think about until they find out a hotel may not accept their pets. This is when the person should know more about what they should be seeking in sitters to guarantee their pets are safe and their home will be secure. Without this information, people can have trouble trusting the caretaker of their pets and homes.

The first thing a person needs to be looking for is the type of pets the person can take care of. Typically people who are in this business are used to taking care of all regular house pets. However, some people need to know more about the exotic pets these people can take care of to guarantee the pets will be properly looked after. 

Pollia condensata: A dazzling, edible berry

African berry is the world's shiniest natural object

When it comes to shiny things, people always tend to think of things like gemstones, metals or pearls. Sometimes even certain stones. Can't blame them too much, it is after all what we see most often. Heck, I even remember the episode of mythbusters where they polished balls of poo in honor of the turn of phrase stating such a thing. The thing here however, is that most of these things require the tools of humans to bring out that natural shine.

Nature provides some pretty epic examples of natural shine. The scales of a fish, the exoskeleton of many insects, even the metallic refraction on the feathers of many birds. The true winner though is actually a berry. The Pollia condensata berry from Africa if the single shiniest natural object on Earth, reflecting upwards of 30 percent of all light that touches it. Kew Gardens, the University of Cambridge and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum quickly moved in and tried to figure out exactly what it was the berry was using to produce its beautiful shine. 

Wine in a purse

Apparently it's a good idea.

I find it funny the way people try to hide their booze sometimes. I find it funny how many of the producers of the funny juice will package or bottle their nectar. Yet it's when a producer goes out of their way to allow you to both have and hide your favorite drinks in plain sight that one needs to stand and take notice.

Yes, stand and give a round of applause. What are we applauding? No idea could be the creativeness of the packaging, but most likely because the consumer wet themselves then passed out on the floor of the bus while singing-something-I couldn't make it out.