June 2012

7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit: That's a smart idea!

Think of the time it cuts down on baking!

With summer in full swing, and people like me already bitching about heat (I'm very sensitive), some crazy researchers decided it was time to break the record for the all-time hottest temperature ever recorded on earth. What was the new temperature they managed to bag? 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit. You would have known that if you read the title silly.

“Are they gonna kill that dog?”

My child’s matter-of-fact question gave me chills—and a wake-up call.

The other day, my daughter and my husband were watching Mythbusters while I was working, and the boys—the guy with the funky beard and the guy with the annoying beret—were about to conduct an experiment on a dog. They were going to test the urban legend about a dog in a microwave and they used a variety of different experiment materials. My daughter turned to me and matter-of-factly inquired, “Are they going to kill a dog?”

What a question! She just assumed that these two men might kill a dog on television, without repercussion. How could one think of something like that in our supposedly civilized society?

Oh Japan, you even make beer better

More bubbles for all.

Here is something that is apparently a big problem: While having a nice mug of Kirin or Sapporo, you notice that the foam head has broken down! Well thankfully the crazy tech gods have developed a solution! A mug that creates more foam at the push of a button! Yes, that's right, more bubbles for all. That is because everything can be fixed with more bubbles, right?

Now how am I going to finish reading that!?

Making written art visual art, like a boss.

Growing up, there were so many times I was given the idea of different worlds coming from books. I'm not really talking “imagination” at least not to a kid's mind. I'm talking about a never-ending story, or countless cartoons where the characters spend the evening outside of their books, hanging out on the library shelves...so I was a dumb kid alright! They never told us on Reading Rainbow that it couldn't happen! To some degree though, I suppose you can say one person has found a way to turn books into a new reality: by carving them up real good.

Apparently your family does not care.

But the Last Moment Robot does.

If there is one thing in this world that people - in the end – want more than anything, it's the ability to take their last breaths surrounded by family and friends. That is what others may want. Me? I still plan on going out in style. Think Weekend at Bernie's meets House party times Conan. Pretty wild, eh? 

Apparently though there are people who are more or less neglected. I know I should be kind and say “ or sometimes family can't make it...” but seriously, if you're on death's doorstep for any period of time, there is no reason for people not to show up. But fear not, “late-stage orphan.” Dan Chen is looking out for you.

Lemme get my peetar and play you a song

warning, puns ahead.

Apparently there is this concept going around that wen guys go to the bathroom they have to make music. At least thats what TV and the Internet teach me, Im far too much of a agoraphobic to look at a public restroom, so I'll take their word for it. There also seems to be a consensus that your hummed version of that one styx song sucked, and so Billboard Music Brazil decided they needed to fix this with the guitar pee.