May 2012

Countries need their space.

Scotland and England are one step closer to a break up.

After a relationship spanning over 300 years, Scotland and England are one step closer to calling it quits. A shocking thing to some, but to others not so much. I mean, you can't say the relationship started consensually anyway and after 300 years, sometimes people just need their space. Of course this also messes with the whole Britain, Great Britain and United Kingdom deal. That is unless Wales gets promoted up from the basement level of the UK harem.

Stone Age nudies

Porn, art or science?

Every anthropologist knows that any art dating back to our earliest periods tell us a tale about that era, a way to see how the ancients interpreted their reality. From the mundane records of the late to post ice age animals they hunted, images and carvings of blooming ideas in mythological entities or their theological views of nature...of course this is all throw out when the average person looks and bursts out laughing “Hahaha! I can see his wang! Pervy caveman!”

HA! Take that hippies.

Dinos were WAY worse than us.

  I know there are a great many things I could mock a hippy for...which I'm not actually doing ( directly). You may be wondering what it is I'm going to be teasing them about? The environment - what else? It's no secret that we are not the most loving tenants Gaia has had living on her, but at least we're not the worst! Dinos were far tougher on the atmosphere than anything alive to day. You ask, "How did they manage that?" With their butt parts. They did it with their butt parts.

All you can eat crab!

Be quick; this one will most assuredly eat you first.

I think I saw a bad movie about this once; an obscure WW2 era nuclear experiment out in the Pacific islands goes horridly wrong and A) blasts a beach with Gamma radiation ( because they didn’t know what Gamma radiation actually does) or B) leaked Nuclear waste into the waters, giving birth to a monstrous crab that rose from the depths to terrorize an island, and it was up to a small team of researchers and a pint-sized sidekick, typically a chimp or small boy to save the day! Oh, and the crab could fly too.