April 2012

To the space mines with you!

Awesome plus Awesome equals epic.

So, what do you get when you combine Astrophysics guru Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Filmmaker and adventure god James Cameron and a healthy sprinkling of Google funded wealth as well as other multi billionaires with a spine and taste for doing what needs to be done ? You get Planetary Resources INC. A incorporated group of big dreamers looking to expand mining and other facets of our society into deep space. You know, what we SHOULD have been doing 20 years ago rather than falling behind and doing nothing like we have been because of bureaucratic BS.

Mother Nature

You're scary

Nope, there's nothing creepy about going into your garden and finding a monster spider eating a snake. Oh and pure common sense dictates that you whip out a camera and start capturing it as opposed to, oh you know, burning down the entire neighborhood and running to the nearest shower for emergency decontamination. Then it's off to rally an army to make a stand against the invading spider army.

No fair! Why does Canada get cool currency?

If you have seen Canadian money recently, you have probably noticed the shift even closer to the monopoly money look. The paper bills have some amazing, if not stereotypical art on it. From a crow on a shell with babies pouring out of it, to kids playing hockey on the five. Seriously the five is my favorite because it just summed up everything people consider Canadian. I guess the next step would be art of jelly donuts and curling. Yet something even cooler came out: the dino coin.

So it's soft drunk?

Not sure if agreeable

Aaaaah! Kirin Ichiban- a really smooth and well brewed west coast style pale ale produced by Japanese brewer Kirin. You know it's them because the bottles and cans have a Kirin painted on them. One of my favorite ales for those hot heavy days where I just cant stomach a heavy stout. Being that I too brew my own beer I've made a few batches that were oddly similar to the ichiban taste. The thing with brewing, and more over carbonating is having just the right mix of sugar, time, and temp to assure a nice rich head can form, and the beer is not flat, secondly maintaining a good temperature once served to keep that vitamin rich foam. Well, it looks once more like Japan has come up with another crazy machine to make things better once more.