March 2012

Tricorders for all

The man making Trekkies that much cooler


We are no strangers to hand held gizmos. Phones alone have become more or less a viable tool in the computer family themselves, even having a few more toys on them than your laptop or desktop. Of course this still means you are limited to the rich study of physics through Angry Birds or hitting Google up to figure out what sort of squirrel just stole your last bag of Cheetos. So where do you go if you want to find out about the magnetic fields in a given area, or if you may have stumbled into a area with a weak gravity well? Well that's simple. You bust out your trusty, handy-dandy tricorder.

Tsk, Tsk Tsk bats...

Alfred raised you better.

Superheroes are people too right? Sure some are aliens, some are creations of science- but all and all they are still good people right? Okay a few of them have their bad streaks in a “ I don't give a crap” sort of way though still follow the rules in the end right? Well not Bat Man apparently.

Hamster Care Tips

When I was about 13 years old, my mom let me have two hamsters. They were so cute and never nibbled or tried to bite like some other hamsters do. Although hamsters are an easy pet to own, you’ll want to make sure you are doing all you can to keep your hamsters as healthy and happy as possible.

1. The Cage: Make sure the cage you purchase is big enough for your hamsters to play. I preferred to use an aquarium cage with a wire top, but you can use a wire cage. The thing I don’t like about wire cages is that your pet can easily kick the bedding out all over the floor. It’s no fun having to vacuum around the cage twice a day.

Pffft women- who needs 'em

A fruit flies stunning revelation.

It's so cliché when it comes to men it's not even funny. Guy approaches girl, tries to talk to girl, girl notes his stone age level intillect and or bathing habbits, shoots man down, man sulks and drinks himself stupid trying to rationalise why he's not appealing by getting too drunk to's a classic story!

Small Dogs Need Toys Too

For those dog lovers out there, one question I have is “Do you struggle to find adequate toys for your little ones to play with?”. There are numerous challenges that come along with taking on the responsibility of a pet. Any pet – dogs, cats, horses, snakes, etc. Being an owner of two young dogs, I have found that one of the primary challenges we are facing, is the destructibility of their toys.

The thing is – dogs have teeth. Sharp and strong ones. How is it that the toys created for them, do not seem to take this into account? Our puppies just turned one – happy birthday to them last week.  They remain in the infamous stage of “teething”. They chew everything…want to chew everything…and seem to destroy about all of the things they manage to get their teeth on.

They just dont know when to stop


Most breweries have their own spin on “ summer” beers. It may be adding a touch of citrus, such as lime, orange or a lemon into the batch along with different spices. Some may even add a touch of different berries. I can't say I’m fond of them all. Some of them are great, others taste like... well you know, it's one of those “ it sounded good on paper” things. I brew my own from time to time and can appreciate the spirit of being creative. There is a time however when you know someone is just reaching.

The Debate of Pet Insurance

"Outside of the obvious invasiveness, the difference between these two options was about $3000."

Having a pet, at times, is like having a child. For us pet lovers, we often coddle our pets and shower them with luxurious beds, cute outfits, affection and sometimes, far better care than we give ourselves. With that being said, there is one thing surrounding pets that always stirs up debate – pet insurance.

Some advocate for it – alluding to the notion that it is better to be safe than sorry. Better to spend a little money each month than to have an emergency and not have the means to handle it. Others feel it is a waste of money – hundreds of dollars a year spent in the hopes that should something happen, you are covered. Yet should nothing happen, you have thrown away the money.

Honestly, I have been on both sides of the fence. Yet recently I have tried to look at this debate differently. First and foremost, I have health insurance. I pay every month essentially in the hopes that should something happen, I am covered. So far this year, I have been to the doctor once – for a routine visit yet I spend $100 each month to be covered. Why should my pet be any different?

Free Beneful Baked Delights Dog Snacks

Do you own a dog that loves to eat treats? Then you have to take advantage of Purina’s new Beneful Baked Delights Dog Snacks free sample offer. This new line comes in four different shapes and textures, although all four are baked to perfection. I don’t currently own a dog, but I’m getting this sample for my sister’s pup named Lucky!

First, you have the stars snack that is simply a shortbread cookie with bacon and cheese inside. Second, you have the hugs snack. Hugs are crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. These also feature both beef and cheese. Third, you have the snackers snack. Just like the hugs snack, this treat has a soft middle. Flavors include peanut butter and cheese. The last snack is the quackers snack. It is crispy like a cracker and full of cheese flavor.

Treats Straight From My Kitchen

"The nice thing about making your own dog treats, is that you know the exact ingredients that are going into their bodies."

With two young puppies, treats seem to always be on the shopping list. I haven’t quite decided whether they actually need the treats to continue learning and following through with basic commands, or if they have mastered them and are now working on the art of human manipulation. There are moments where I wonder if their lack of follow through equals their ability to train me in thinking more treats will acquire their compliance.

Regardless of who is right, it is inevitable. Treats have become a common staple in our household. Treats for going potty outside, going to their kennel, sitting, staying and sometimes just simply to be a nice mom. I try to rotate and purchase various kinds and flavors of treats. In my head, I assume my puppies are no different than humans – they too want variety. Most pet stores offer variety; that isn’t necessarily a problem. For me, I feel like a home cooked meal sometimes hits the spot. My puppies are my children, so scouring the internet for homemade treat recipes has become a sudden interest of mine.

Dino love

Rex was a biter

It's high time for some dino love. That is to say I've not gotten around to writing about our extinct friends yet and I've been meaning to find an excuse to do so. Not that anyone really needs a reason given they are awesome on their own. None the less some dino news came across my desk (top) and gave me the jolt I need to be productive.

Pet Sitting

I have a friend that makes a part time income from pet sitting. She has a full time county job, so she uses this job to save money for the future. I thought it would be a great topic for a blog post, since many individuals haven’t considered it as a way to earn some extra money.

The most important thing is that you have a love of animals. If you don’t, you won’t get very far. Not only can people tell if you don’t like animals, but so can the pets. Passion shines and is what will get you repeat customers and new referrals. That is the only way to grow your pet sitting business.