February 2012

When to Consider Adopting Another Pet

Recently, my daughter has been begging me to adopt another cat. We already have one cat named Anita. We got Anita from our county animal shelter five years ago. She had a severe anxiety disorder and it took her quite a while to get use to us. Fortunately, we have an old house that provides the cat with plenty of rooms to explore.

Last year we had a stray cat come to the kitchen door day after day for a month. Finally, I made an appointment with a veterinarian to have the cat checked out. I spent $200 getting the cat shots and an exam. My daughter called the cat Dakota. I began to allow the cat in the house for an hour at a time, but my cat and Dakota did nothing but hiss and bat at each other. After about two weeks, we stopped trying and Dakota moved on to another neighbors house.

Look no hands!

This may be dangerous for the geeks.

Gaming or interfacing with technology at all has always managed to introduce some odd things now and then I fondly recall my NES, and the robot I had for it that was suppose to fill in the role of a second player- which he sucked by the way, complete button smasher. Or the Power glove, which was unresponsive and left my fingers cut up, all the way now to the 360's Kinect which uses motion tracking as well as facial, and voice recognition to allow a user to play a game, or interact with the TV by voice, or movement – utterly controller free. Well the next stage is upon us. Mouth controllers.

Fenced In

"All joking aside, for us pet lovers, we want our animals to have fun…experience life…and be safe. "

With two French Bulldog puppies, who are creeping up on their first birthday, maintaining order and control is often a challenge. In the home, they run and play, wrestle and bite, get into things they shouldn’t, and essentially, need pretty consistent supervision. Outside the home, they remain on their leashes, as with children, they are completely enthralled with the world around them. The smells, the noises, the people and animals that cross their path; all increase their excitement to roam and get into whatever they possibly can. Typically what they get into is trouble. Or, if nothing else, they shoot up the anxiety of their parents to a Xanax necessary level.

All joking aside, for us pet lovers, we want our animals to have fun…experience life…and be safe. They often hold a place in our hearts, that matches a child. They become part of our family.  As parents, we often become neurotic at times, wanting so much to ensure they are okay. So, we take various measures to guarantee this happens, to the best of our abilities. We keep them on leashes, we take them to obedience classes, we remove them from harmful situations, we hover over them while they play with other dogs, we purchase “shock” collars, to help teach them about the wrongs and rights of their world. Regardless of what route we take, we do what we can to draw safe boundaries to their world.

Hay Balls

Great for small birds

I’ve had my two Zebra finches, Atticus and Scout, for about three weeks now. They are happy, healthy little birds. They greet me every morning with song, and are a great source of fascination for my dog Whitley. He loves to say “hello” to the birds, and they sing to him. One of my cats quite enjoys sitting next to the cage and staring at them as well, probably thinking “if only I could get my paws on them, they’d make a good snack”.

The cage we had for them when we brought them home was rather small and confined, but it was the only cage we had at the time. I bought them a bigger cage last week and they are much happier. They have room to fly, and there are toys to keep them busy.

I was a little concerned about getting two male finches, since I knew males of any species can be territorial. I didn’t want them to fight, but I also wasn’t really want a male and a female as I am not interested in breeding my finches.

Requirements to Adopt a Pet

If you plan on adopting a pet from your local animal shelter, you may not be aware that there are actually requirements you must meet first. I certainly was not aware of this the first time I adopted a cat.

First, you must fill out an application. This application will ask you such questions as “What will you do if your pet chews on furniture?” and “What will you do if your cat claws on the furniture?” The shelter wants to make sure that you are ready for the good and the bad that comes with adopting a pet. It is best if you have a plan of action on how you will handle your pet when it exhibits unpleasant behaviors.

A Summer With Dora

A few years ago my daughter found a small turtle in the lake of my sister’s campground. It was the beginning of the summer so I thought it would be good to let her keep it for the summer to learn a lesson on caring for pets.

Fortunately, my father is an avid lover of turtles, mostly because he is allergic to just about every other animal on the planet. He had a turtle cage that was just right for the baby turtle. The cage even had steps for the turtle to climb up so that it could get out of the water at any time.

Costs of Owning a Horse

My daughter has been riding horses for the past 3 years. She began with a new trainer at the beginning of the summer, and this trainer lets her participate in all aspects of caring for a horse. She cleans the stalls, watches the farrier in action, brushes down the horses, and is even helping to train one of the horses to pull a cart.

So You Want A Lizard

Some types of geckos are good starter lizards

Living in the desert Southwest, we often see lizards when we are outdoors. We have seen lizards sunning on the rocks in our front yard, zipping across our driveway, and crawling up the brick wall that surrounds our backyard. Our dog has even caught a couple in our garage. I know because he brought me the tail of one not that long ago.

My husband keeps mentioning that he thinks it would be fun to have a lizard as a pet. Why he wants one, I don’t know. But, since I got my finches, if he wants a lizard, I guess he can have one. Every time he sees one outside, he mentions that he’d like one. I told him if he can catch one, he can have it. So far, they have been faster than he is.

There are many types and sizes of lizards. If we get one, it will be one of the smaller types, such as anole lizards, geckos, or chameleons.  The larger types include bearded dragons and iguanas.  

If you’ve never had a lizard as a pet, it’s best to start out with one that is easy to maintain.  Some types of geckos are good starter lizards.  A common lizard sold in pet stores is the green anole, which is very small and won’t take up much space.

Awww yes, cage lining

Though, you don't want your bird near the screen

What a lovely turn of phrase - “ cage lining”. The whole ting only takes but a moment to click as to what it may imply. That is to say the fluff from newspapers, books or what have you that serves no better purpose than lining the bottom of a bird cage. Not that anything here will be as useless... and I don’t advocate letting your animals use the computer as a safe place to relieve themselves.


So lets get this all kicked off in style with something of mild interest to some people. ( hey thats what this is all about got it?)