September 2010

Tell Colorado Serum Company to Stop Torturing Hamsters

Have you ever tortured a hamster? I am ashamed to admit that as a young pet owner, I once did. I was about four, maybe five years old. My friend and I put my hamster in the middle of a bed sheet we stretched out between us, and we jostled it around, lifting it up and down, catching the poor thing as it went up and down. She was okay and did not get sick, thankfully, but it was a super stupid thing to do.

The thing is, I was a little kid who didn’t know better. Cruelty was certainly not my intent. My parents were furious when they found out, and they explained that, though I liked to be tossed around like that for fun, hamsters did not. Becky—my hamster—could have been hurt. I felt awful about it and never harmed her—or any of the other hamsters I’ve had throughout my life, and there have been a few—again.