May 2010

Tell ASU to Stop Testing on Animals

When I first became an animal activist several years ago, Proctor & Gamble was one of the first companies I started to boycott. It wasn’t all that easy, either, since I had relatives who worked there. (Both were about to retire, though.) One of the things that repulsed me the most about the company was that they would sew rabbits’ eyes shut and test personal care products in them to see if they were safe to use on humans. Yeah, that’s not an image that you want in your head when you’re shampooing your hair.

Help Stop Pocket Pets From Being Crushed to Death

I’d like to think that the majority of us would never step on a little hamster, kitten, guinea pig, or other small animal just for the fun of it—or to sell it to people who supposedly get off on such things. I would love to believe this. It would help me sleep better at night. Sadly, I cannot believe this, since the practice continues to occur—and I cannot believe that there is virtually nothing being done to stop it, either.