January 2010

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

If you thought the only time of the year reserved for bunnies was Easter, you’re wrong! February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, a time you might consider providing a home for a shelter rabbit or baby bunny.

The Education Director of House Rabbit Society, Mary Cotter, says, “Promoting adoption and educating potential adopters early in the year helps to prevent the impulse purchase of bunnies a month or two later at Easter.” It takes time and effort to care for a rabbit, just as with any other pet, and people should be aware of the responsibilities involved.

Dress Up Your Pet Day

My first piece of advice: Don’t. Do. It. I’ve always found dressing up pets to be degrading at best, and inhumane at worst. I had a childhood friend who always dressed up her dogs and put them in baby strollers and they never looked very happy about it. I thought her parents should’ve totally bought her a Baby Born. I get that some animals might like being dressed up—though I think it would be pretty hard to prove in court!—most would rather be au naturale.