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Pumpkin carving gods

reminding us we should just stick to knitting

If there was ever a time to feel insecure about your ability to carve a pumpkin, then seeing some of the amazing things that end up on the webbernet or the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, Rhode Island. That event alone is more than enough to utterly put us in our place and pretty much make me unsure of my ability to even look at a pumpkin without feeling a deep, deep shame.


The event boasts some 5,000 pumpkins, and if there is anything worse than one pumpkin letting me know that I'm a weak carver- it's 5,000 of them. Granted it's easier now to pull this off. Back in the day you had knives, spoons or whatever small tools you had laying around. Nails were actually pretty good for scraping in little details. These days though- it's all about using Dremel tools. It's not exactly fair that dremel, as well as several other third party parts manufacturers has gone and developed a whole slew of bits specifically for pumpkin carving. Yes that makes me feel slightly better- though truth be told the tool is only a small part of it. It takes much more to be able to actually use the tools right and create the art in the first place. Pumpkins are deceptive too. Find one that looks like it's a perfect shape for your work, then BOOM, the “meat” of it is nearly two inches thick and liquifies the second you put pressure to it. I guess thats just another thing telling me to just give up and focus more on coming up with other ways to decorate.