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Tentacle USB- you know you want it

This may or may not be Hentai related

Think Geek is by far one of my all time favorite places to go hunting for those special little things that just complete my geek life. Be it a taun taun sleeping bag, Umbrellas that look like the ones seen in Blade Runner, funky themed Tea sets, science based toys, you name it they most likely have it. Periodically though SOMETHING pops up thats ...questionable at best.

I present to you this Tentacle USB, Now, I really cant for the bloody life of me figure out exactly what its for beyond just blowing twenty five bucks for the sake of it. As you can see it moves when it's plugged in. That is it, it just moves. It does not even store data, it just wiggles. With social connections getting creepy in the digital age, such as body suits, or gloves, or * ahem* other things you plug in, and

it transmits that information to a “ partner set” elsewhere they made it basically so that long distance lovers could have those physical moments. People are weird however, and seeing a wiggling tentacle just seemed to make it seem that much worse for me, I feared we were moving into the Hentai department. Sure it's creepy my mind went there- but I assure you it would never have gone that way were it not for the absolutely insane amount of weird things already floating around. Why would someone want a wiggling USB driven that does not even function as anything? I really really really don't want to think about it too much.