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Mmm, you smell old and wise.

Now we all can smell like a librarian.

You know what's bloody sexy as hell? Books, the way they just sit there on a shelf, collecting dust and mildew, the way they open up and have hundreds or thousands of flippy bits that have ink all over them that say stuff and things. So sexy! Apparently someone else thinks they are as well and made it a point to make sure the only mildly hot humans can mimic the sexiest thing about books: their scent.High end perfume designer Geza Schoen, publisher Gerhard Steidl and Wallpaper magazine came together and guess what? Made a perfume that smells like a book. The bottle itself comes packaged in a hollowed out book and will set you back a little under 100 bones.

While impressive, if you really want to get the boys to your shelves, I really think they need to make a comic book scent and perhaps even magazine. No, not THOSE sort of magazines- they always shove perfume or cologne samples in those or at least the more respectable ones do in the hopes of making every guy a classy playboy type of guy.

Just in case you are wondering, this is far far from the oddest scented perfume out there. Over the last year or so, things like bacon perfume or beer perfume have shown up and hopefully more as a joke than not, because if that's the case, I'm partially frightened of any species that would willingly want to smell like its own food source. Moreover, smelling like “guy food” just seems like you're asking for a horrible accident. Books, at the very least, are something for knowledge or entertainment. You know, back before we had Google and bad fan fiction.