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Giant robot dancers?

I'm having mixed feelings about this one.

Because Japan can't help but follow its age old tradition of “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down” to a point that they NEVER delve into the odd or insane or borderline bad drug trip-like ideas for their entertainment (this is all sarcasm by the way), I'm relieved to say that they have done themselves proud this time. Granted you like giant robotic bikini clad dancers.

Now before you start a panic that the robots will run amok and kill us all, I need to let you know they are operated by humans. Also, know that they are attractive, busty camouflage bikini clad mech pilots. Nothing can go wrong there, right? Oh yes, and this is all for a restaurant in Tokyo. While customers dine....I said dine, not die.... the girls hop in their mechs and perform a cabaret show, and even have a mech for customers to try out themselves. 

This is where I insert the mandatory “she's got one sexy chassis” joke. She has one sexy cha-oh I ruined the joke by telling about it. It all seems well and good, but I'm watchful for the mechs getting an upgrade with flame throwers; you know, just in case a customer's food gets cold, they can warm it up. And perhaps thermal optic upgrades so they can better see customers in the event of a power failure. See, nothing in the future there that could ever possibly go wrong, should the mechs somehow get hit by lightning and develop a sentient personality of their own.