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Kitty headphones

After watching the very opening of the obviously questionable commercial, all I have to say is “Yes, yes I am tired of watching my four lazy cats sit around bored out of their minds and not appreciating the joys of music, which we with our Superior primate designed opposable thumbs have produced.” Thankfully for our feline friends, Sol Republic is there to solve all our problems!Now, it's worth noting that Sol Republic is well known for well-designed headphones and let's be honest, the whole kitty thing is a parody right? I mean, really no cat would put up with that for long. Pitting something on their head like that? That would result in their head exploding in a panic and/or clawing off your face. Even in the unlikely event there is “some” truth behind it, they only state that there are 10.

Given that fact, it's a good sign that at least the mauling will be kept to a minimum. I have to give them props however. In this day and age, marketing has to be an ever evolving art. Gone are the days are minimal “ fluff” and all product. People expect something built around it.

Humor is always a good, safe bet. Throw in some cats and you have yourself something special. I mean we all know cats rule the web right? I can't count very well, but I'm pretty sure the number of cat related things outnumbers the amount of porn. Now that is truly saying something- something quite possibly unhealthy- about our over-the-top love of cats.