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New phobia: Spiders in my ear

Just what I need, another fear

OH, the blissful, misty fields of Morpheus. A time when we slip away and just allow ourselves to rest, recharge, utterly unaware of any dangers and other things that may just not sit right with us. I mean, what can go wrong when we're out of it, right? Well apparently, that’s not exactly the case.Hey, sometimes they say (and by 'they' I really have no idea who I'm talking about, but I assume 'they' are the ones behind it all, and by all, I mean everything) that the body is a temple. This is too true, but it's not a metaphor in this case. Enter now a woman in China who went to visit a doctor at the Changsha Central Hospital complaining of a persistent ear itch. I would have expected to see someone suffering from swimmer's ear, or a slight infection, or a scratch. Nope, there was a spider in her ear.

Yes, that is what I said. She had a spider living in her ear canal, and had been there for several days. The doctors did not dare try and grab the spider, fearing the poor little thing would freak out and travel deeper into her ear or bite her. Instead, they flushed the tiny arachnid out with a saline rinse. See? Creepy.

I personally sleep with headphones on anyway to block out the snoring of someone next to me. I guess spiders are less of a worry to me than out of work DJs.  I heard that once they set up, they are impossible to get rid of and only attract others.