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Simple pocket pet gift: A fish and fish setup

You probably already have what you need for this easy and thoughtful gift, aside from the fish!

If you have a vase, a fish bowl, or even one of those small beta fish tanks, you have most of what you need to give this fun gift to someone you love already. A fish is such an easy pet to care for, as long as you go with a low maintenance type and provide plenty of food and care tips for your recipient.

Add some fish food, decorative rocks, and a fish and boom—that’s it! It’s such an easy yet thoughtful gift, especially for children or people who are allergic to furry companions. If you have had fish before, chances are that you still have plenty of fish equipment, fish food, and other necessities at your house. Of course, you could go big and get a fancy tank with a filter and the works if you wish, but that will be costly (though you can sometimes find good deals on used sales websites like Craigslist).

So the question remains: what type of fish should you give? A goldfish is always a fun, lovely choice that’s easy to take care of.  According to Fish Channel, species like neon tetras and platy fish make good beginner pets. African Dwarf Frogs are also very low maintenance and cheap, only requiring a feeding twice a week.