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Pacemaker hack

Hacker demonstrates that pacemakers can be infiltrated

I remember back when the realization struck that people could hack into your computer and take things or mess with your stuff. Then the panic when it dawned on people that pretty much everything anymore is tied to a network of some sort. Too few really thought how far it could go. Worse is that someone realized just that, which means others have or will soon enough, too: hacking into a pacemaker.At a recent computer security conference, a hacker going by Barnaby Jack stated, and demonstrated that yes, one can hack into a pacemaker, download the model and its serial numbers then reverse engineer the connections or even upload new firmware.

Once those were in place, the hacker had full control of the device and could shut it off or cause it to trigger and give the individual's heart a nasty and potentially lethal jolt, which can cause a whole slew of cascading problems. "Jack" never said where the maker of the pacemaker worn by his “demonstration” was from, but wanted to make it clear that it was indeed possible and manufacturers needed to take heed and secure the devices, stating that that it's easy to gain full access to a device, without need for a password or any form of authentication.

Like I stated earlier, if Jack figured this out, then statistically it means that others have as well. That is the scary part. Sure, it's not a super weapon, but it's a terror tool, one you could use to basically take a person hostage physically without ever touching them and just a whole slew of other intentionally nasty things.