What's wrong with you, brain?

What's wrong with you, brain?

Strange dream-like phenomenon

This was by far the absolute weirdest experience ever. Let's start by clearing something up: I've been having a really really screwed up sleeping schedule as of late. I am usually in bed somewhere around 6 a.m. and awake by no later than 10 at best. I realize this alone can do insane things to the functions of one's mind. Yet I'm stumped on exactly how this situation played out.

I woke up largely against my will around 5 a.m., about an hour after finally forcing myself to go to bed. The weirdness came with the very fact that somehow I managed to drag a dream state with me. This was not your average “sleep walking” or anything. I was awake and aware of what was around me and happening in the real world. The problem was that the dream world was still there augmented atop it.

Odder still is that I was not myself and I knew it. It was a sci-fi-ish dream and I was a near-human species. An interesting note is the specie's wings. I physically felt them in the waking world. Physical sensations: their weight, altering how I moved to compensate for them, I could move them and see them. It was an extreme phantom limb sort of sensation.

I really can't describe it in any way other than a "naturally augmented reality" in all ways and to be honest, the science behind it has me obsessed now to actually try and understand what was going on with my brain. I should also note this effect took an HOUR before it fully faded away, but by then I had been able to file sensations to memory so being able to remember what my wings felt like as a limb is no different than a person recalling the scent of an orange in their head . I would LOVE for some of our science loving readers to look into this and let me know if they know what's going on, or perhaps had similar situations.