Playable chocolate record?

Playable chocolate record?

That won't keep well, I'm sure.

It's something we are not sure if we ever actually needed or wanted, yet it's out there anyway. What we have here is a slap of chocolate shaped into a record and actually pressed with a copy of Breakbot's album 'By Your Side,' and we have the Colette store in Paris to thank.

The record is completely chocolate, and yes, it will play. It's advertised however that you can only play it three to five times before the needle on the record player manages to actually destroy the record. I'm pretty sure it's not too good for your record player's health either, to be perfectly honest.

Part of me goes “NEAT!” Another part of me just groans, more because I've not used a record player in a good long while. To be honest, I don't even think my kids know what a record is! No, it's all video games and such now (for me, kids have other toys), but back then we loved our records! HAZZAH! for the massive collection of He-Man read-along adventures and countless chipmunk albums.

My biggest question in this situation is this: Do you buy it for the chocolate? Or for the album? How about for the novelty of it all? Granted the chocolate made in America is crap, to be completely honest. It's nothing like chocolate you get elsewhere in the world. That said, the taste of the treat is great, but is it worth whatever hiked up price is being asked?

If you buy it for the album, isn't it a waste if you can only play it three times? If it's because it's “unique” then what's the point? You have to play it and eat it. Real chocolate won't last so you can't go having it mounted on your wall. See! All this has done is create more problems so that make my brain bits hurt.