Have an extra $6K? Get an earthquake-proof bed.

Have an extra $6K? Get an earthquake-proof bed.

I would, but I don't like the color options.

Now this is something most people who live outside of quake-prone places may laugh at and mock, but for anyone living in volatile geologically active areas, it's something to consider. A bed being sold in Japan for the low asking price of  $5,600 could be a life saver.

Granted, I've seen more than a few sites that mock the bed for its asking price, however the “wood luck bed” is said to be able to support upwards of 65 tons. No, it's not crafted of fancy metals, just a specially aged cedar and good engineering know-how, which is a wonderful thing. One of the biggest killers when it comes to collapsing structures is weight, obviously. Most people know to get into a door frame or drag themselves out of a building, or get under a desk. 

Oh but that's in a perfect setting where a good quake hits mid-day. The ones that come at night may not even wake a person. It's also worth noting that there are many Japanese houses that still have the traditional clay roof tiles and they are very, very heavy. It's called “pancaking." 

A structure sways to the point that the support for a heavy roof is no longer centered and the roof literally drops straight down, as the rest of the structure sways too far to the side. The bed could be a wonderful lifesaver in those situations. Japan is not the only one plagued with severe quakes. It's just something to consider should you live in one of those areas.