Curiosity's curious curiosity.

Curiosity's curious curiosity.

I just wanted to say that.

By now anyone paying attention to Mars-related news has heard that Curiosity has discovered “something interesting” while taking samples of the Martian dirt. It has said to be such things as “one for the record books” and “earth shattering.”

Sure the “earth shattering” thing was downplayed slightly later by sighting what a scientist sees as earth shattering is something that may differ from what most would consider as such. It was later added that we would have to wait for confirmation on their results before they would publicly share their findings. The interesting thing comes from the fact they felt it was something that warranted more testing and analyzing. This would suggest, at the very least, that it's something notable.

I also noticed in another interview that a researcher said “Martian sand.” Granted, sand comes in two forms, one being comprised of minerals and quarts fragments, yet this is not really often referred to as sand. Sand is typically reserved for “beach sand.” That however, is largely comprised of remains of life such as shell fragments or bits of coral. Your average extremophile would not be able to leave AS much around to create a beach.

It's only one of hundreds of possibilities, but one I'm still eagerly looking forward to it, big or small. I actually appreciate constant knowledge, no matter where it comes from. I will laugh so much if they ended up actually scooping up some sort of dune beetle and cooked it by accident.

Then I would feel horrible that we cooked a Mars beetle. I can't even say “nature is cruel and teaches us nothing” because in reality, that would teach us a great deal. Or not so much teach as confirm what people with common sense would already suspect about the multi-universe.