Coffee extinct by 2080?

Coffee extinct by 2080?

Lies and slander, I say!

If there is any truth to a recent study by Kew Gardens then there is a possibility that climate change can wipe out the vast majority of the world's wild arabica coffee plants by the year 2080. 99.7 percent of the bean growing regions of the world would become too hot to support the plant, thus driving it to extinction. OK, it's true that most of the coffee we drink is actually grown in green houses and this is more concerning the natural “pure” beans. The thing is that it's the pure beans farmers have to go back to periodically to rebuff their own crops as the green house breeds grow weaker.

Yes, there is a broader science involved than just "Make more beans.” So you know what this means: over the coming years, prices are going to just get worse. You can't even say "well what about the South American ones?” Sadly they are not pure.

Geeze, when you say it like that, it all sounds so bigoted. Then again, I guess it can be. I am a Coffee Nazi I'm told. Unlike coffee snobs, I won't even look at Starbucks without disdain. Hey, I live in the Northwest. Starbucks is just a gimmick we dumped on the rest of the world, we still keep the really good things to ourselves.

I suppose if there is going to be a shortage, I'm going to have to fight to the bitter end. People risk their lives dealing with me without coffee; imagine what I would be like trying to preserve my stash of it!