Blood bricks

Blood bricks

Using cow blood to create bricks

Oh sure it may keep you dry and warm, but the masses of hungry predators siting outside the front door licking the walls to death may be an inevitable problem. What am I rambling about you ask? Well it's simple good sirs! Blood bricks. Moreover, bricks consisting of cow's blood.

One architecturally savvy individual with a knack for finding uses for what is considered the largest waste product: Jack Munro Has found a way to take cow's blood, mix it with sand and a few things, and bake it at a low 160 degrees to create bricks! Yes, the bricks are apparently waterproof, and by all accounts, are completely up to code. 

While it's a novel way to approach a problem of waste management- to which he should be applauded- I personally am one who is less than impressed, or grossed out, overall. Humans have learned to make things out of all sorts of crazy byproducts. Blood being used as a bonding agent for bricks hardly seems to be outside of the norm. 

Brick making is an art thousands upon thousands of years old, and each region has their own way to go about making them. Some more durable than others, but the creativity was there. Too many people forget to that many of the dyes in older clothes came from human urine or some form of fermented animal carcasses. With a cow producing roughly eight gallons of the red stuff while on the way to being made food, I can't imagine the idea hasn't been applied elsewhere in the world before.