Simple pocket pet gift: A fish and fish setup

You probably already have what you need for this easy and thoughtful gift, aside from the fish!

If you have a vase, a fish bowl, or even one of those small beta fish tanks, you have most of what you need to give this fun gift to someone you love already. A fish is such an easy pet to care for, as long as you go with a low maintenance type and provide plenty of food and care tips for your recipient.

Add some fish food, decorative rocks, and a fish and boom—that’s it! It’s such an easy yet thoughtful gift, especially for children or people who are allergic to furry companions. If you have had fish before, chances are that you still have plenty of fish equipment, fish food, and other necessities at your house. Of course, you could go big and get a fancy tank with a filter and the works if you wish, but that will be costly (though you can sometimes find good deals on used sales websites like Craigslist).

So the question remains: what type of fish should you give? A goldfish is always a fun, lovely choice that’s easy to take care of.  According to Fish Channel, species like neon tetras and platy fish make good beginner pets. African Dwarf Frogs are also very low maintenance and cheap, only requiring a feeding twice a week.

Tentacle USB- you know you want it

This may or may not be Hentai related

Think Geek is by far one of my all time favorite places to go hunting for those special little things that just complete my geek life. Be it a taun taun sleeping bag, Umbrellas that look like the ones seen in Blade Runner, funky themed Tea sets, science based toys, you name it they most likely have it. Periodically though SOMETHING pops up thats ...questionable at best.

I present to you this Tentacle USB, Now, I really cant for the bloody life of me figure out exactly what its for beyond just blowing twenty five bucks for the sake of it. As you can see it moves when it's plugged in. That is it, it just moves. It does not even store data, it just wiggles. With social connections getting creepy in the digital age, such as body suits, or gloves, or * ahem* other things you plug in, and

it transmits that information to a “ partner set” elsewhere they made it basically so that long distance lovers could have those physical moments. People are weird however, and seeing a wiggling tentacle just seemed to make it seem that much worse for me, I feared we were moving into the Hentai department. Sure it's creepy my mind went there- but I assure you it would never have gone that way were it not for the absolutely insane amount of weird things already floating around. Why would someone want a wiggling USB driven that does not even function as anything? I really really really don't want to think about it too much.


Curiosity's curious curiosity.

I just wanted to say that.

By now anyone paying attention to Mars-related news has heard that Curiosity has discovered “something interesting” while taking samples of the Martian dirt. It has said to be such things as “one for the record books” and “earth shattering.”

Sure the “earth shattering” thing was downplayed slightly later by sighting what a scientist sees as earth shattering is something that may differ from what most would consider as such. It was later added that we would have to wait for confirmation on their results before they would publicly share their findings. The interesting thing comes from the fact they felt it was something that warranted more testing and analyzing. This would suggest, at the very least, that it's something notable.

I also noticed in another interview that a researcher said “Martian sand.” Granted, sand comes in two forms, one being comprised of minerals and quarts fragments, yet this is not really often referred to as sand. Sand is typically reserved for “beach sand.” That however, is largely comprised of remains of life such as shell fragments or bits of coral. Your average extremophile would not be able to leave AS much around to create a beach.

It's only one of hundreds of possibilities, but one I'm still eagerly looking forward to it, big or small. I actually appreciate constant knowledge, no matter where it comes from. I will laugh so much if they ended up actually scooping up some sort of dune beetle and cooked it by accident.

Then I would feel horrible that we cooked a Mars beetle. I can't even say “nature is cruel and teaches us nothing” because in reality, that would teach us a great deal. Or not so much teach as confirm what people with common sense would already suspect about the multi-universe.

Coffee extinct by 2080?

Lies and slander, I say!

If there is any truth to a recent study by Kew Gardens then there is a possibility that climate change can wipe out the vast majority of the world's wild arabica coffee plants by the year 2080. 99.7 percent of the bean growing regions of the world would become too hot to support the plant, thus driving it to extinction. OK, it's true that most of the coffee we drink is actually grown in green houses and this is more concerning the natural “pure” beans. The thing is that it's the pure beans farmers have to go back to periodically to rebuff their own crops as the green house breeds grow weaker.

Yes, there is a broader science involved than just "Make more beans.” So you know what this means: over the coming years, prices are going to just get worse. You can't even say "well what about the South American ones?” Sadly they are not pure.

Geeze, when you say it like that, it all sounds so bigoted. Then again, I guess it can be. I am a Coffee Nazi I'm told. Unlike coffee snobs, I won't even look at Starbucks without disdain. Hey, I live in the Northwest. Starbucks is just a gimmick we dumped on the rest of the world, we still keep the really good things to ourselves.

I suppose if there is going to be a shortage, I'm going to have to fight to the bitter end. People risk their lives dealing with me without coffee; imagine what I would be like trying to preserve my stash of it!

What's wrong with you, brain?

Strange dream-like phenomenon

This was by far the absolute weirdest experience ever. Let's start by clearing something up: I've been having a really really screwed up sleeping schedule as of late. I am usually in bed somewhere around 6 a.m. and awake by no later than 10 at best. I realize this alone can do insane things to the functions of one's mind. Yet I'm stumped on exactly how this situation played out.

I woke up largely against my will around 5 a.m., about an hour after finally forcing myself to go to bed. The weirdness came with the very fact that somehow I managed to drag a dream state with me. This was not your average “sleep walking” or anything. I was awake and aware of what was around me and happening in the real world. The problem was that the dream world was still there augmented atop it.

Odder still is that I was not myself and I knew it. It was a sci-fi-ish dream and I was a near-human species. An interesting note is the specie's wings. I physically felt them in the waking world. Physical sensations: their weight, altering how I moved to compensate for them, I could move them and see them. It was an extreme phantom limb sort of sensation.

I really can't describe it in any way other than a "naturally augmented reality" in all ways and to be honest, the science behind it has me obsessed now to actually try and understand what was going on with my brain. I should also note this effect took an HOUR before it fully faded away, but by then I had been able to file sensations to memory so being able to remember what my wings felt like as a limb is no different than a person recalling the scent of an orange in their head . I would LOVE for some of our science loving readers to look into this and let me know if they know what's going on, or perhaps had similar situations.

Giving it to charity

Lucas not keeping most of his profit

By now everyone is well aware of the buy-out of Lucasfilm by the Walt Disney Company. With the amount of talk this generates and the uproar it's caused in diehard fans, it's easy to get swept up and miss “even more” news coming out of this deal.

The $4.05 billion sale of Lucasfilm should be final soon, which honestly I'm shocked Lucasfilm went for so cheap. George owns 100 percent of that corporation, which then means all that money goes straight to him. However in a move to "celebrate a new direction in life and focus more on philanthropy, it has been decided that a majority of the money from the sale will be sent to charity." That's basically saying that Star Wars was the most successful bake sale in history.  Another interesting twist in all this is that Mark Hamill recently stated in an interview that he, and on screen sister Carrie Fisher knew about the plans for Episode 7, 8 and 9 back in August, long before the announcement that came this week. He said that George had invited him and Carrie to lunch, and broke it to them that they were planning to do a follow-up to the original films.

Mark was not shocked by this, having figured the initial meeting was in regards to a new DVD release of the series, or perhaps had something to do with the planned live action series. He doubted very heavily that these films would have anything to do with the original cast. The Disney buy-out however was a huge shock to them, and he admits to being on the fence about it all, though noted that it's worked out well for Marvel Comics thus far.

Looking for a warm house

My babies ceaser and Zeus and Two males sugar gliders with a cage and food supplies for a year plus vitamins . I live in Houston to and need someone that can take better care at then . They are very good and cute of course for contact please email me as soon as possible

Blood bricks

Using cow blood to create bricks

Oh sure it may keep you dry and warm, but the masses of hungry predators siting outside the front door licking the walls to death may be an inevitable problem. What am I rambling about you ask? Well it's simple good sirs! Blood bricks. Moreover, bricks consisting of cow's blood.

One architecturally savvy individual with a knack for finding uses for what is considered the largest waste product: Jack Munro Has found a way to take cow's blood, mix it with sand and a few things, and bake it at a low 160 degrees to create bricks! Yes, the bricks are apparently waterproof, and by all accounts, are completely up to code. 

While it's a novel way to approach a problem of waste management- to which he should be applauded- I personally am one who is less than impressed, or grossed out, overall. Humans have learned to make things out of all sorts of crazy byproducts. Blood being used as a bonding agent for bricks hardly seems to be outside of the norm. 

Brick making is an art thousands upon thousands of years old, and each region has their own way to go about making them. Some more durable than others, but the creativity was there. Too many people forget to that many of the dyes in older clothes came from human urine or some form of fermented animal carcasses. With a cow producing roughly eight gallons of the red stuff while on the way to being made food, I can't imagine the idea hasn't been applied elsewhere in the world before.


Pacemaker hack

Hacker demonstrates that pacemakers can be infiltrated

I remember back when the realization struck that people could hack into your computer and take things or mess with your stuff. Then the panic when it dawned on people that pretty much everything anymore is tied to a network of some sort. Too few really thought how far it could go. Worse is that someone realized just that, which means others have or will soon enough, too: hacking into a pacemaker.At a recent computer security conference, a hacker going by Barnaby Jack stated, and demonstrated that yes, one can hack into a pacemaker, download the model and its serial numbers then reverse engineer the connections or even upload new firmware.

Once those were in place, the hacker had full control of the device and could shut it off or cause it to trigger and give the individual's heart a nasty and potentially lethal jolt, which can cause a whole slew of cascading problems. "Jack" never said where the maker of the pacemaker worn by his “demonstration” was from, but wanted to make it clear that it was indeed possible and manufacturers needed to take heed and secure the devices, stating that that it's easy to gain full access to a device, without need for a password or any form of authentication.

Like I stated earlier, if Jack figured this out, then statistically it means that others have as well. That is the scary part. Sure, it's not a super weapon, but it's a terror tool, one you could use to basically take a person hostage physically without ever touching them and just a whole slew of other intentionally nasty things.

Pet Toys You Should Use

Toys Your Pet Needs

As you know keeping your pets happy is more of a challenge then what you think. This is when you should learn more information on what kind of pet toys you should be using to keep your pet happy for an extended period of time. Without this information, you can easily select the wrong pet toy and end up having a pet who is disappointed in what you are getting for your dog.


The first pet toy you should get for your pet is one which they can chew on. This is really true when the pets are younger and need to have something to chew on for their teething process. Without this, you may have trouble in getting to enjoy your pets because of them constantly teething on your items and not their toys.


Another type of pet toy to get for your pet will be ones which have something which will keep them interested in the toy. When you have the interaction which keeps your pet interested in the toy, you do not have to be concerned about the toys losing your pets interest in a short time period. Without this you may have trouble with your pets in keeping their interest in the toy for an extended period of time.


Getting your pets a new toy can be exciting at times. However, you need to make sure you know what to look for in the pet toys to guarantee you have found the right toy for your pet. Without any information, you can have trouble in selecting the best pet toy around.